cropped-Logo-anchor.pngThe Literacy 3D Coaching Model is a based on a feedback loop consisting of 3 major components:Coaching Feedback Loop

Data is 3 pronged, utilizing the 1) Literacy 3D Reports, 2) teachers' expertise and personal knowledge of their students needs and 3) information from coach Observations. Coaches help teachers to synthesizing these three pieces.

Intervention Decisions are guided by the Tune Up Checklist (TUC) which involves 1) targeting a student skill area of need, 2) deciding what time of day and which of the Top Ten Strategies to use, and 3) tailoring the strategy to meet the unique needs of the classroom with teacher input and coach guidance to make sure all of the key elements of the selected strategy are implemented while allowing for necessary differentiation.  The intervention is then implemented and observed by the coach.

Observation is used to 1) identify teachers' strengths in order to help them apply those strengths across a broader range of activities, 2) identify points of opportunity for teachers diversify their instructional toolkits, and 3) to identify which elements of the strategy are working well and which may need fine-tuning.

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